Pic of William in dark chair, red tie

Photos taken in September 2019.

Seeking Awesome Republican Goddess


I am looking for a Republican Goddess for marriage. This is my own personal website that I have created to help me find her. No other men are here—just me.

If you are a single woman who might potentially be interested, then I invite you to take my (virtual) hand and let me guide you through this website.

I'm a healthy 68. I'm looking for a woman born in any year from 1950–1995, who takes excellent care of herself.

I am a natural-born U.S. citizen residing in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. I will consider relocating within the United States but am unwilling to move to another country. If the woman I'm looking for lives outside the United States, she must be willing and legally able to move to the United States to marry me and to live with me here.

As you read through this website, you will notice that I'm an intense, complex man who thinks waaay "outside the box." If my intensity/complexity is too much for you, or if I think too far "outside the box" for you, well then, we are not a match. I seek a woman who is likewise intense and complex (not a mild or simple woman; nor a woman who thinks I wrote way too much here). She too thinks "outside the box." The lady I am looking for will be inspired and excited by this website!

I am very demanding—in a good way that will make my Goddess-Wife-to-Be incredibly happy—beyond her wildest dreams—and keep her wildly happy for life!

I am flexible on many things. But there are some things I am not flexible on. I respect your time. Therefore, I will begin by asking you a series of eleven questions to see if you meet my inflexible requirements. If not, we'll say goodbye without a kiss.

If you manage to make it through all eleven questions without a kiss-less goodbye, then I will tell you a lot about myself, the relationship I want, and my demanding requirements. I will tell you far, far more than you will see in the men's profiles on any dating website. Then you will have the opportunity to fill out a detailed contact form and submit it to me with your photos.

Sincerely, Reverend William

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